We aren't satisfied Until You Are Enthusiastic About Your Eye Exam & Glasses

Brand Strategy

Your vision and eye health are very important to us, but how you look is important too!  We carefully select from the top brand name  and designer glasses to provide you with the best eye glasses on the market.  


We invest in the latest state of the art technology to provide the most accurate and comfortable eye exam possible.  

Staff Training

Our staff receives annual continuing education to keep up to date and provide you with comprehensive and comfortable eye exam.

Dry Eye Center

The Appalachian Dry Eye Center was created to address the concerns of patients with chronic dry eyes. At the Appalachian Dry Eye Center, we take the time to listen to your concerns and develop a treatment plan for Dry Eye Disease tailored to your needs and specific complaints.

Headache Relief

Blountville Family Eyecare is excited to offer this breakthrough technology to YOU! In fact, we were so eager to get this service to you that we are the first eye care center in East Tennessee to make it available! A recent breakthrough in lens technology has led to the development of contoured prism lenses known as neurolenses®.

Myopia Control

Would you like to be free from wearing your contacts and glasses during the day? Ask our staff about a special breakthrough procedure called Corneal Refractive Therapy. Through the use of specialized contact lenses, we can gently reshape your cornea while you sleep helping to correct nearsightedness, or myopia, freeing you from daytime contact lenses or glasses wear.

Convenient Tri-Cities, TN Location

Convenient to Kingsport, Bristol, Piney-Flats, or anywhere in the Tri-Cities, off I-81 at exit 69. 

Convenient Evening Hours

We know your time is valuable so we offer two convenient evening clinics to allow you to save those valuable days off from work for the family and leisure time you deserve.

8:00 AM – 5.00 PM Mon, Wed, & Fri

8:00 AM – 6.00 PM Tue &  Thurs

Closed Sat & Sunday 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why An Annual Eye Exam?

We care about your eye health so we recommend annual eye health exams .  Our eye doctors provide comprehensive eye health evaluations to detect, prevent, and treat eye disease.  

Many people don’t realize the importance of getting an annual eye exam.  Oftentimes, people mistakenly believe they only need to see the eye doctor if they need glasses.  However, this is a dangerous thought process.  Annual eye health exams are an important part of your overall health and well being.  In our office, we examine your eye health every year.  Such diseases as

and many other eye conditions may go undetected without an annual dilated eye exam.  A dilated eye exam can often also detect other conditions that affect your entire body such as high cholesterol and diabetes.   

What about contact lenses?

At Blountville Family Eyecare, we are proud of our contact lens practice.  Patients often tell us that they have been told they can’t wear contact lenses due to astigmatism, fear of touching their eyes, or their need for a bifocal lens.  

While we can’t guarantee that everyone can wear contacts, we certainly want to identify the barriers and try to solve the problems preventing your from wearing contact lenses. 

Visit our contact lens page for information about our contact lens services 

Do you take my insurance?

We accept most health and vision insurance plans at Blountville Family Eyecare.

For a more complete list of our insurances visit our insurance page or call our office to find out if we take your specific plan.

Where Can I Learn More About Blountville Family Eyecare Community Involvement?

As fellow members of the Tri-Cities region and the Bristol, Blountville, Kingsport, and the Piney Flats, communities, we care about giving back. 

Each year we partner with various community organizations and you to offer support where it’s needed.  Stay connected to our Facebook page to learn more about our community involvement.