Does neurolens® Work?

At Blountville Family Eyecare, we take great pride in not only providing you with the best eye exam in the Tri-Cities, but we also strive to be early adopters in technology that we think will drastically improve the wellness and health of our patients. That’s why we we were so excited to become the first practice in East Tennessee to provide neurolens® to you.

However, we understand that neurolens® are not inexpensive, and you may be wondering if neurolens® really works? Is it really true that a prescription lens can provide complete relief from chronic daily headaches, neck pain, and eye strain associated with digital vision syndrome or a misalignment of the eyes?

We invite you to schedule an eye exam and take our brief survey and find out for yourself! There is no risk! EyeBrainMedical, the creators of the neurolens® technology, are so confident in the success rate of the neurolens® they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

neurolens® Success Rate

The initial reports provided by neurolens® indicated that out of 360 patients, there was a 93% success rate in reducing the symptoms associated with trigeminal dysphoria, namely a significant reduction in the amount of daily chronic headache, neck pain, and eye strain.

A case study presented at the Brain Injury Alliance in New Mexico in 2018 also indicates neurolens® successfully relieved the symptoms of a patient with post traumatic brain injury that resulted in visual hypersensitivity and photosensitivity. The patient’s remarks after being prescribed neurolens® and receiving some visual therapy for two months were,

“The world has stopped swimming!” “I can now read, shop, socialize, and function all day without symptoms. . .Thank You!”

Does neurolens® have side effects?

There may be a short adjustment period when you first start wearing your neurolens®. You may notice a bit of disoreintation when you first try them on. However, once your eyes and your brain readjust to communication changes made by the neurolens®, there are no known long term side effects to neurolens®. The adaptation is similar to the experience of wearing progressive lenses for the first time, though may last slightly longer.

neurolens® Reviews

Here are what the patients of this breakthrough lens technology have to say.

Learn More About neurolens®

If you suffer from any of the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain or Chronic Daily Headaches, schedule you appointment today to discuss your treatment options and explore whether Neurolens® might be the answer to finding relief from your chronic daily headaches and neck pain in the Tri-Cities.