Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contacts are a great option to correct your vision.  Successful contact lens wear begins with the first exam.  Ensuring the proper lens, fit, and prescription is vital to your comfort and eye health. 

Just as a vision and health exam is important for eyeglasses, it is equally important for contact lenses.  However, contact lenses require further measurements of the eye in order to get the exact fit necessary for optimal comfort and overall health of the eye. 

Our doctors will perform an examination utilizing a high definition corneal mapping system to determine the shape of your eye.   After performing a thorough eye exam and taking all the necessary measurements, we will discuss your options and make the best contact lens recommendation for your eyes. 

But I Can't Wear Contacts!

Have you always wanted to wear contact lenses, but find there are barriers?  


We often hear things like,

“I have astigmatism so I can’t wear contacts.”

“I wear bifocals, so I can’t wear contacts.”

“I’ve been told by other doctors that I can never wear contacts.”

“I can’t stand to touch my eyes.”


Have you ever seen the show, “Myth Busters?”  At Blountville Family Eyecare, we love busting the myths and tearing down barriers that prevent patients from wearing contact lenses. There are so many new technologies available today, that most patients can be fit in contacts.  We can’t guarantee everyone can successfully wear contacts, but if that is your desire, then it is our pleasure to make it happen!

Ask our staff about our specialty contact lens services to see if you may be a candidate for contact lenses! 

Picture of smartphone reminding you to make eye doctor appointment for your dailies contacts