Relief For Eye Allergies & Itchy Eyes Caused By Seasonal Allergies

It’s that time of year. The dreary gray of winter is fading and beautiful colors of spring are alive. The flowers and trees are waking up and preparing to burst forth in all their spring glory. However, if you are among the more than 50 million seasonal allergy sufferers, you may be a bit apprehensive about the onset of spring every year. In this article we will discuss the best eye allergy drops for seasonal eye allergies.

Why Do My Eyes Water, Burn, Or Feel Gritty All The Time?

Dry eye disease may seem like a minor irritation that isn’t serious, however, the complications of not treating dry eye disease can be severe. Damage to the eye’s surface caused by dry eyes can lead to corneal scarring and impaired vision.

January Is Glaucoma Awareness Month: The Sneak Thief of Sight

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. Known as “the sneak thief of sight” glaucoma can steal your vision without your knowledge. According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation¹, more than 3 million Americans currently have glaucoma; a number that is expected to increase to 4.2 million by 2030 representing a nearly 60% increase over the next 10-12 years.